Healthy Hair Tips

If you’re not rocking the bald look, most people are concerned about having healthier longer hair and are confused about hair trimming. Does it slow your process of reaching your hair length goal?  Is hair trimming necessary for faster healthier hair growth? These are just a couple of questions that come to mind regarding hair trimming.

Hair grows from the hair follicles in the scalp, therefore hair growth is not dependent on how often you trim your hair.  However, regular trimming is important to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft, which allows for damaged thinner ends causing breakage.   

Research shows that the idea of trimming every 6-8 weeks just because, is a thing of the past!  It is recommended, by most dermatologist and hair stylists, that hair ends should be trimmed around every 12 weeks (3 months).  Healthy hair ends can be achieved by regular trimming, but healthy hair can be achieved by using Naturally You Hair Products that consists only of 100% natural ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce.  

Keep your hair ends free of split-ends with our Naturally You Deep Conditioner that deeply conditions damaged hair ends and our Naturally You Moisturizer, which is a creamy styling agent that helps prevent split-ends.