Healthy Hair Tips

I don’t know about you, but for the longest time, the worst part of my wash day was detangling my hair. The snags and knots always got the best of me. Sometimes, I felt I was ripping my hair out! This always left me frustrated and feeling overwhelmed since my hair goal was to have healthy longer hair. My, how things have changed for me with my new detangling technique.

Detangling your hair is a very important step in hair health. Your hair sheds about 100 strands a day and some of these shedded strands decide not to fall out, but to stay with strands that are still rooted. Therefore, detangling your hair is the only way to remove some of these stubborn shedded strands. Some prefer to detangle with their fingers and others like using a wide tooth comb. I use both methods! Either way, it’s best to detangle your hair when it is damp. Detangling when dry lends to a lot of hair breakage and no one wants that.

There are 4 major steps in successful detangling that I learned the hard way:

1. Finger Detangling – Gently finger detangle your hair when wet.
2. Slip Products – Apply products that make it easier for your fingers or comb to glide through.
3. Wide Tooth Comb – It is imperative to use a wide tooth comb while detangling your hair. 
4. Start at the Ends – It’s best to start detangling at the ends of your hair sections and to work your way up tp the roots.

The above 4 steps will prevent excessive hair loss through proper detangling and will help you reach your healthy hair goals. Naturally You Hair Products can help with the slip that is needed for easier detangling, especially our Shampoo, Moisturizer, and Deep Conditioner. Order our products today, easier detangling awaits you!